Social Engineering: What if the user opens backdoors to strangers?

Another great session at this weeks German OWASP Day was the closing keynote by Christina Lekati with the title "Social Engineering: What if the user opens backdoors to strangers".

As a Psychologist, Social Engineering Specialist, and OSINT Practicioner, Christina presented some impressive (and quite scary) real-world examples of elaborate social engineering attacks that go far beyond simple hit-and-run type phishing attempts.

She dove deep into the motivation and techniques of weaponized psychology before showing how you can establish means and mechanisms that help protect yourself and your organization.

If you weren't able to attend, here's a recording of a similar talk she presented at InsomniHack: Targeted Social Engineering Attacks: Weaponizing Psychology

I must say, this talk was a perfect closing, providing the icing on the cake of an otherwise very technical conference with lots of demos, deep-dives, and hands-on examples.

Thanks to Dan Gora, Jonas Becker, Dirk Wetter, and the entire organizing team for setting up this amazing community event with fun, informative, and educational sessions on all things security! I'll definitely be there again next year 😀

Dennis Traub

Developer Advocate at AWS | Coder & Solutions Architect | Cloud Expert with 30 Years in Tech

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