New features in the OWASP Juice Shop

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I just got back home from the German #OWASP Day, and one of the great presentations was Björn Kimminich's session where he demonstrated some interesting new features of the OWASP Juice Shop, including chatbot vulnerabilities and code-fixing challenges, which I can't wait to try out myself!

If you haven't heard of The OWASP Juice Shop yet, it is an intentionally insecure web application which can be used as a personal learning tool, in security trainings, awareness demos, and CTFs.

You can learn more and check it out yourself on the project page at OWASP or at

Thanks to Dan Gora, Jonas Becker, Dirk Wetter, and the entire organizing team for a great community event with fun, informative, and educational sessions across all things #security! I'll definitely come back next year 😀

Dennis Traub

Developer Advocate at AWS | Coder & Solutions Architect | Cloud Expert with 30 Years in Tech

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